Building Construction

What We Do

We specialise in delivering large complex building projects by utilising in house expertise and our skilled workforce. Enabled by Ramez Group’s huge resource of personnel, plant & equipment and reinforced by a network of global offices offering a full range of back-up support services: for example Buildability Studies, Engineering and Design, BIM, Automated Document Management.

Ramez Group offers Clients pre-construction services: Cost planning, BIM, Value Engineering, Programme management, Logistics planning, Supply Chain management, Safety management, Pre-engineering, Testing and Commissioning management, Decommissioning Planning. As a result, this provides an integrated construction delivery with added value for Clients.

During the construction phase, Ramez Group utilises an integrated suite of tried and tested information systems and project controls. Logistics are carefully managed to provide integrated construction delivery together with building technologies and initiatives such as lean construction, pre-engineered building and modular construction.

Final handover and post-construction support will be part of the Ramez Group commitment.

Cost Estimation
Architectural Design
Interior Design
Custom Solutions


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